Hydrogeological Services

Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. (AES)
can assist you with contamination assessments,
remediation system designs, and water supply
investigations. Our hydrogeological services
include the following:

•Water Supply and Water Resource Evaluations
Wellfield and Aquifer Pumping Tests
Groundwater Quality Evaluations
Soil and groundwater Contamination   
  Assessments at Petroleum and Hazardous
  Waste Sites
Groundwater Monitoring Plans
Landfill Site Investigations
Water Use Permitting
NPDES Permitting
Water Quality Sampling
Remediation System Design, Construction,
 Operation and Maintenance


 Environmental Assessments

The staff at Advanced Environmental Services, Inc. (AES) has experience conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for various real estate transactions and regulatory permitting. Our
Site Assessment services include:

l and Phase ll Environmental Site
  Assessments for Commercial, Industrial,
  Agricultural, Residential and Government
Soil and Groundwater Assessment and   Remediation
•Regulatory Compliance Management
•Storage Tank Closure Assessments
•Historical Land Use Research
•Transactional and Operational Audits
•Groundwater and Soil Sampling